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In a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, every detail matters. The attorneys at DumasNeel have the expertise and experience to ensure you and your business are compliant with all applicable state and federal regulations for corporate structuring, employment contracts, management contracts, and everything in between. Our attorneys have worked in-house at hospital systems, free-standing emergency departments, and ambulatory surgical centers. In each of these roles, our attorneys learned the relevant healthcare regulations required to advise our corporate healthcare clients.

Some Of The Types Of Companies We Have Represented Include:

  • Physicians and physician groups
  • Nonprofit health organizations (f/k/a 5.01(a) corporations)
  • Dentists
  • Counselors & therapists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Home Health & Hospice (HCSSAs)
  • Freestanding Emergency Apartments (FSEDs)
  • Management Services Organizations (MSOs)
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Transport
  • Remote patient monitoring companies
  • Telehealth
  • Behavioral & Mental Health
  • Many healthcare providers find healthcare compliance to be confusing and overwhelming. Let DumasNeel remove that burden so you can get back to taking care of your patients. We provide full-scale compliance services, including a review of contractual arrangements and the creation of internal documentation for physician staffing, physician employment, and medical billing and collections arrangements. Additionally, we offer both hourly and flat rate audits, depending on the size of the project and the needs of the client. We will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to be compliant with state and federal regulations.

    In addition, DumasNeel offers HIPAA-specific compliance services including in-office training. If there has been a HIPAA breach within your practice, we provide HIPAA breach defense and will walk you through the process including insurance coverage, breach reporting to the Secretary of HHS, notifying patients of the HIPAA breach incident, updating policies and procedures, mitigating future risks, and communicating with the Office of Civil Rights.

  • Every contractual relationship between a healthcare provider and another entity or individual is scrutinized by both the state and the federal government. DumasNeel is intimately familiar with the healthcare regulations that govern these transactions and can help prevent any missteps before they occur. Some of the most common mistakes we see are in the areas of entity formation and ownership, lease agreements, marketing contracts, home health service contracts, management services organizations (MSOs) operations, and referral arrangements between providers.

    We routinely advise healthcare clients on their transactions in order to create and maintain compliance with laws such as Stark law and the Anti-Kickback Statute. Healthcare transactions can quickly become complex and violate these federal laws—regardless of the parties’ intentions or understanding. When in doubt, it is best to have a firm like DumasNeel review past and future healthcare transactions. We understand that the penalties for violations of these laws are severe and can be devastating, so we draft agreements to ensure compliance from the start and update you on changes to the law that may affect any agreements you have in place. Our goal is to mitigate your risk by getting it done correctly the first time and to diligently reduce liability for non-compliant past transactions.

  • Many providers find collecting on their accounts to be one of the most burdensome parts of their practice. DumasNeel understands claims reimbursement processes and the inner-workings of the nation and states the most prominent insurance companies. We have assisted providers in obtaining single case agreements with insurance companies as well as disputing under- and non-payment of claims reimbursement for out-of-network providers. We are heavily involved in the Texas Department of Insurance arbitration process and are working with colleagues across the nation to create fairness in payments to providers. In addition to proactive measures and arbitration, DumasNeel routinely sues large insurance companies on behalf of providers and patients to ensure that their rights are protected by holding insurance companies accountable for their actions and representations.

    Additionally, the attorneys at DumasNeel were at the forefront of litigation to protect healthcare providers’ and facilities’ confidential and trade secret documents concerning their reimbursement rates from disclosure following the Supreme Court of Texas’ decision in In Re North Cypress. Our attorneys were instrumental in achieving a ruling that restricts the In Re North Cypress decision from applying to non-party medical providers from the discovery process of personal injury cases.

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