Keeping You Compliant With Alcohol Regulations

At Dumas Neel, we provide our clients with alcohol-related regulatory compliance expertise throughout Texas. Our practice includes: 

  • TABC hearings and litigation
  • Protests of original or renewal applications
  • Licensing concerns
  • Food and beverage certificate compliance
  • Concession and management agreements
  • Municipal alcohol regulation
  • Buying and selling of alcohol-related businesses¬†
  • TABC appeal procedures

Deal With Agencies
On Your Behalf

We directly interact with government agencies on your behalf. As a result, we fight for the protection of both you and your employees without the headache of attempting to interpret convoluted TABC notice letters yourself.

Protecting Your Business In
Alcohol-Related Matters

We represent alcoholic beverage retailers, restaurants, hotels, alcohol wholesalers, alcohol manufacturers, and businesses throughout the entertainment industry.

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