About Us

Experienced Texas
Corporate Attorneys

DumasNeel is a boutique business and healthcare firm, servicing clients across the state of Texas. The philosophy of DumasNeel is simple: provide excellent representation to our clients with unmatched personable quality customer service. We believe that developing a relationship with our clients is paramount; the more we understand who you are and what you do, the better we are able to represent you to achieve your goals.

Consulting Entrepreneurs & Executives At All Stages

DumasNeel strives for goals and results-oriented collaboration with our clients. As a result, the majority of our clients have maintained long-term relationships with our attorneys throughout the years. Our clients know who is handling their matters and have an open line of communication with the lead attorney. DumasNeel is keenly aware that every business interaction has possible litigation consequences; because of this, DumasNeel vets its clients’problems and solutions through both a transactional and litigation lens.

Your Team of Experienced
Texas Business Lawyers

With over 15 years of multi-disciplinary legal experience and decades of business experience, from Houston and beyond, DumasNeel has the knowledge to find the solution to your problem.

Cody Dumas

Cody Dumas offers legal and general counsel services to businesses, healthcare providers, non-profits, and hospitality companies.

Megan Neel

Megan Neel offers legal and compliance services to healthcare entities, providers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Igor Brusil

Igor Brusil offers legal services focused on healthcare law, professional liability, risk management, laboratory compliance and commercial litigation.